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Re: d44 with ctm joints

To get the most strenght out of a 44 you must use alloy shafts, the stock spicer units have some inherent weaknesses. Using alloy shafts, the shafts themselves are very strong, but the 297X u-joint becomes the weak link. What you would want is alloy shafts and CTM joints. Then the axle shafts and u-joints are a pretty bulletproof assembly.

I was out Sun and a buddy was trying a really tough line and POP the 297X let go. When the u-joint failed the ear of the Warn axle shaft got bent outward and pushed the lower ball joint partially out of the knuckle. Needless to say this kind of ended the day. It would not have been an issue with the CTM joints. My buddy actually had a set, but they ended up getting loaned back to Jack and then followed a twisting trail into a white YJ. I reieved a bit of ribbing over that.

I haven't talked to Jack in a while, but he should have production going soon if he hasn't already.

September 11, 2001- We will not forget! We will not forgive!
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