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Starter prob

When it is cold out I have problems lately getting the Bronco to start. I have a high torque mini starter in it and the 351/E4OD. When you turn the key you can hear the relay click and the starter pinion engage the flywheel, but it can't turn it. It usually takes about 2-10 tries at turning the key until it will finally spin the motor. Once it does though it usually cranks it at normal speed. The starter is about 3 years old or so and is sitting under one of my two leaking valve covers. I don't think the engine is seizing or sticking because it runs strong. Could my starter finally just be getting old, or should I check something electrical. All connections are tight and clean and the Optima is fully charged. Only seems to happen when cold. If it is the starter should I have it rebuilt or just replace it with an auto store lifetime one. I like the high torque, but don't want to pay 2-3 hundred bucks for another one. Thanks.

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