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4x4 Quit working

Hello all, the 4x4 on my 88 (4.3,auto) Blazer decided to quit working yesterday, and I have an idea why but I wanted some advise. I bought this truck about 3 weeks ago, it has 206,000 miles but it runs and looks real good, no 4x4 abuse like I have put it through in the last 3 weeks. Yesterday we were out scouting a public hunting aera and I had been in and out of 4x4 all day. I had driven through some pretty deep water. Then we stopped, got out and walked around for about 1 hour. I got back in put the truck in 4 low, started it and no 4x4, 4 low or 4 high. I have checked everything, vacuum hoses, the diafram, cable to the front diff, the only thing I found wrong is the vacuum switch on the transfer case. I took it out and the pin is sticking. Is there a relay I am missing or would this cause the truck not to go into 4x4? Everything else is fine. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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