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To swap or not to swap

OK, I'll post this here, cuz on the pirate board I'll be flammed hardcore. I was going to do a Toyota axle swap in to my '88. All I got is a '85 rear axle without the center section. I got to thinking about the money I don't have to do this and wanted some opinions.
#1- Stay with Zuk axles and add the:
$700 Hawk Suzuki gears(5.12) and Hybred rear housing
$260 long Ind. front axle shafts
$160 front locker...........OR
#2- swap in Toyotas:
Rear end:
$365 toyota third member
$235 lockright
Front end:
$200 stock Toy axle(used)
$214 gears
$235 lockright
$649 All-Pro steering
This is what I'm looking at. Either way I go I'm putting in Toyota power steering. I'm planning on runnig 33" tires, but I have yet to get hung up bad with my 31"s and I can live with them if the Zuk axles hold up. Well....what do you guys think????

88 Zuk
locked and loaded
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