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When in second or third the converter is not giveing all the power to the tires untill your at or near top speed for the gear. It slips..Does what its supposed to do. I want all the motors power at mid RPMs in second and third gear when off roading... Gives better throttle response and direct power to the tires. You can feel it in your truck the gear shifts, also the slight shift feel. Thats the converter finaly locking up all the power. You hear of people geting a lower converter lockup. Usualy in drag stip stuff. Thats kinda what im doing without pulling the tranny and spending $500 bucks. It does ware on your tranny more and you should get an external tranny cooler to help with added heat. Its soft shifting from the factory for comfort. Don't need comfort now...

-Troy 'WeaZle' McCarty

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