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Re: Question about HD torsion bars

Good question and yes no matter what bars you use, cranking them beond factory ride height will reduce the life of the CV joints (increased angles). But has any one come forward with a CV failure because of cranking their bars and running it on the street. Some off road situations (traction, condisions, amount of power added) can in themselves brake or wear an axle/CV so cranking does not matter in off road situations. I have seen broken t-bars because of over cranking and heavy use. Remember there must be a weak link in the driveline. Do you want it to be the CV or the ring gear when your out on the trail. Me, I can disconnect the other side if needed and still get home. Broken ring gear, good luck getting out of where you are.. Unfortunatly we (S-10ers) are unlucky to have an expencive part be our only week link. With the 3" Rancho lift and running 31's with the medium duty GM bars for 4 years, I never (knock knock) had any problems with the CV's. I do off road hard on ocation. Lifted a rear tire and had a ton-o-weight up front in 4wd and it pulled without a prob many of times. I dont think its too much concern on the CV's but the ball joints and hub bearings are a hole other thred......

-Troy 'WeaZle' McCarty

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