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Question about HD torsion bars

After all the recent talk on this page about heavy duty (HD) torsion bars, I've had a question pop into my head. Although HD torsion bars will allow a person to crank up the front up and still have some down travel (as compared to the stock t-bars) won't cranking the front end still lead to CV joint wear regardless of what torsion bars are used? That is, the angle on the CV's gets messed up either way. Maybe the added down travel with the HD's helps protect the CVs from the really hard jolts., but it still seems that it couldn't be good to max out the angle on CVs like that (unless of course a person doesn't mind paying to have them replaced regularly). Of course, it might be that the CVs can handle more extreme angles w/ no problems. If someone could enlighten me on this subject I would greatly appreciate it.

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