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Re: Torque and Power Curves for S-10 4.3L

Thanks for the great leads. I think I can honestly say the combined knowledge of Chevy owners on this web site greatly exceeds that for my local Chevy repair shop.

Here's the requested info. The knocking occurs under normal acceleration between 2000-2500 rpm, but only when the engine is cold. Also, oil pressure seems normal (averages around 40-45 psi although I think it might get up to 60 psi at high rpm).

My problem could be faulty wrist pins, but it seems like this would be noticeable at any engine temperature(?).

Also, I can't really say if it sounds like "spark knock" because I have never heard an improperly timed engine knock as loud as mine does (although I'm sure it is possible). I have always had the feeling, though, that my computer is messing with my engine's performance when the engine is cold. Also, the check engine light has never come on since I've had the truck. Of course, it the knock sensor is faulty, then I guess that would mean the truck would be knocking w/o the computer knowing anything about it. Hmmm.......If I run down to my local Chevy dealer's diagnostic machine will they be able to tell if I have a faulty knock sensor just by hooking it up to the diagnostic machine? Also, any other ideas as to what would make my S-10's computer @*#! with the performance at low engine temperatures? Thanks again for the help.

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