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Re: 4WABS & E4OD

Ok, I think I remember what happened. The time I toasted my right wheel bearing I had a truck stop fix it, but they didn't replace the ABS sensor so my ABS kept kicking in on that wheel b/c it read a zero wheel speed on that side. So i thought i could just disconnect the computer, BUT, as I know now, the speed signal goes through there and my truck doesn't like to go without it. It did fix my brake problem but that 1-2 shift felt BAD (full line pressure) so I hooked it back up. Of course, this was back when I knew jack sh!t about anything and didnt know i could just disconnect both sensors and everything would be fine, but without anti lock. I drove 200 miles without my front right brake working, and probably neither rear brakes doing anything, so stopping distances were, well, astronomical. I spent 70 bucks on a new sensor like a ding dong instead of ripping that junk out to start with. Although I just realized that I could probably wire a DPST switch on the front sensors and turn off ABS off-road and keep it working for the road, doh! Oh well, this axle should be gone within the month anyway if all goes well.

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