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Re: Weazle, Sandman, et. all -- Wish list...

Can't find any good info on dual rate coils but in a nutshell its two coils on a shock. One is rated at lets say 150 lbs and on at 500. Durring comression the 150 will compress its first inch then second then third till it gets to the rate of the second coil (500) then the second coil compresses its firts inch. Both are working at the same time and works like a progressive spring. Gets harder and harder to compress in stages. The two coil setup is much more changeable. I have only seen the dual coil design on a shock and not just by itself. Many of the racers use the solid axle with the daul rates on them in the rear. Check any class 8. Can any one say 4-link in an s-10 with 24" of travel. Bronco is what I was thinking for an axle doner and now im finding that CJ's might be in the width too. I think the bars did help with the alignment and did give 1" more lift but they are still out, but again alot better ( got what I wanted out of them). Running 33x12.5, this lift was not made to do it. Don't want to change lug pattern yet. Got good Centerlines I don't want to rid yet. Been talking with a buddy and we are going to cut and tap the inside of the top arms and take a big grade 8 and thread it in there with two locking nuts to hold it on. Good to have that adjustment there for my situation. A lot of the shops I talked to said go ahead and build your own axle if you got the time. Just don't rush it , follow instructions and anyone can do it.

-Troy 'WeaZle' McCarty

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