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Here\'s my initial impression of the rebuilt carb I got...

First of all, I got it at the local Pep Boys store (The carbuerator itself was a Rochester Varajet II that was rebuilt by Holley, came in a Holley box with all kinds of doccumentation from Holley, and the adjustments for it are even color coded, and there's a pretty good troubleshooting section and pretty detailed list of things to do (and check for) before and during installation...) I got it installed yesterday, but I used my old EFE gasket thing, and this was after I had tried to pull it up and a part of it seperated. I figured I could just keep using that. I put the carbuerator on, hooked up the appropriate connections, and it would rev up to about 3k RPMs, and then almost immediately shut down. Today I realized my mistake, and I put the gasket that Holley supplied in place of the EFE gasket plate thing (after scraping the old gasket material off the intake... I also was sure to plug the intake openings with some rags first to keep that gunk out of the engine), and tried it. It fired up, fast idle operated well, and it pulled much more vacuum than it did with the old EFE gasket. I haven't done much of a test with it yet (decided it was time for lunch, and while it was cookin' I figured I'd type out my initial report of this product...).

I'll do a follow up write up sometime later either today or this weekend sometime, after I get some time running with that carb...


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