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Re: Weazle, Sandman, et. all -- Wish list...

Good list...
First don't do a spring over conversion. Opens up spring wrap. Keep the axle over. Go with a longer more arched spring and a longer shackle for more room for compression. Yes you will need a lower torsion bar mount. You can copy my Rancho one or go from a full size kit so we can use their t-bars also. Or just get rid of the torsion bars all together with the dual rate (500/250) coilovers up front. Uniballs or kingpins must be used for the angles, the stock are worth sh*t. Can you give more info on the stronger bearings. I think we need to goto the fullsize spindles/knuckle with their bearings. I think they are about 1.5" bigger. I would like to see a full size one to see if the stering locations and the ball joints are all in the same place. If your doing the shock hoop might as well fab a cross bar to connect them. With those big shocks you need the bracing. Have alot more room after a 2" body lift. Im thinking extending the upper and lower arms by 4". Don't know how much wider and lift it would add. Need all the angles and mesurements on paper to figure that out. The only other step im adding is im going to replace the 7.2 axle. Still looking into a very cut down Dana-44. with custome axle shafts. The availability for gears, lockers are huge compaired to the 7.2. Not to mention the strength of the pinion and shafts. With some high angle 930 CV's hangin off. Some one makes a ZR1 calaper and 11" (i think) cross drilled rotor conversion kit to bring this beast to a halt.

-Troy 'WeaZle' McCarty

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