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Re: 1994 s-10 4x4 HELP

Yup, bad fuel injectors. Take it to GM and they will replace them. They did a recall about 8 months ago on this. I have a 94 4wd an had the same prob. As for the clunk, do you have any aftermarket parts on it. As in wheels with different off-set than stock. This will cause premature balljoint failure and the wheel bearings are a problem as well. Jack up the front of the vehicle, grab top and bottom of the tire and push and pull. If there is more than an 3/8 " movement then the ball joints are bad. Replace with Moog. These last a lot longer than any others. I don't know how to check the hub bearings but they are also a weak link. Then last is the CV joint. Jack up remove tire and rotate the rotor. Hear any clunking?? Check the basic stuff like sway bar, shock mounts, look for any shiny spots where something is rubbing another....

What probs did you have in water????

-Troy 'WeaZle' McCarty

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