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Holley Carb problems

I've had carb problems for a while..then I thought I fixed them(sorta did) by putting in new gaskets for the idle adjust screws(they were sliding out!)
I haven't driven the jeep in a while and forgot about how horrible it runs.
It takes about 5-10 minutes of straight driving to warm up and clear up most of the bad problems.I usually let it warm up on its own for a few minutes before attempting to drive.
I've changed the filter and sprayed the jets down with carb cleaner.I've ran fuel from a few places also and the problem persist.
It has a 4.3L with a 4 barrel holley.
Thats the background,here is the problem.
As stated above I have problems warming up.
The choke operates perfectly..
but when I do start it up the idle is VERY high when choked.
If I unchoke it, it dies...which is expected.
Right when I put it in gear it dies,unless I have my foot on the gas.
After a few minutes of warming up in my driveway will idle fine(though the idle is way to high)
I can drive down the street and if I let off the gas and slow down too much it will die.(choked or unchoked)
It seems to prefer running choked at stop and unchoked when driving.After a few minutes of driving it will no drive well at all choked..even with holding down the gas.
Its very very slow at acceleration too.
It takes a minute for the engine to react to the gas pedal.
It seems like it could possibly be leaking gas out of the rod that opens the butterflys..would this cause the problem?Is there any way to remedy that?


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