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I did my CV boots a couple of years ago. 1st get a Haynes or Chiltons if you don't already have one. Of course the procedures never work according to the book. So here is what I found. The half shafts bolt to a flange coming from either side of your front diff. Loosen (not remove) these bolts first before jacking and removing your tire. They are torqued pretty good and having the tire on the ground as leverage to hold the shaft from spinning versus a prybar/screwdriver between two wheel studs to hold the shafts as the book says is much easier and only takes one person. Next the Haynes states that you need a deep 1 3/8 socket for the axle nut. My 89 actually used a 35mm so check with the parts store (they have a book on this) before you buy the socket. When doing mine I ran into the trouble of not being able to remove my half shaft fron the steering nuckle/hub. So what I actually did was remove my tire, caliper and disc. I removed the tie rod from the nuckle and I believe the upper ball joint from the nuckle. This allowed me to unbolt the half shaft from the front diff flange and pivot the nuckle and shaft out for access. I then dissassembled inner side. Cut the boot clamp, remove tripot housing, retaining ring and spider assembly. I cut the outer boot off and slid the new boot on from the inside then reassembled the inner side. Then pivoted the nuckle/shaft back in place and reassembled everything. The passenger side (I did it first) took me all day long for not knowing what to do and after much cursing and yelling I figured it out. The driver side only took about two hours once I figured it out and was pretty easy. Get a good set of tools, 1/2 inch drive works best, and of course everything is metric. I used a puller (about $20) to remove the tierod from the nuckle. And a trick to remove the upper ball joint from the nuckle (no room for the puller) is to take the nut off and use a hammer and hit around the the lug the ball joint goes through. Put a rag over the lug to prevent damage and start wacking. It will just pop out. I was pretty skeptical when someone told me this but it worked great. The only other tools I can think of are a crimping tool for the CV boot clamps (you can rent this from a parts store) and snap ring pliers for the spicer retaining ring. Sorry this is so long but I wanted to explain this as thorough as possible. If this seems confusing, get you Haynes and read through the procedures and pictures and what I told you should hopefully make sense. Good luck and hope this helps. Cheers, Marty

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