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Re: the best bike for me???

Just wanted to throw in my feeling on the KDX.

I owned a 96 KDX 200 for 2 years and loved it. Granted it is not the fastest or best suspended bike, but it works well almost anywhere. The do need some work to get opened up though. I rode mine about 6 months stock and was very happy. Then I got a Procircuit pipe and silencer combo, WOW! It REALLY opened up the power. I have never seen another bike gain that much from a simple pipe and silencer. And what was even better was ditchig the dual wall pipe and huge silencer and saving 10 pounds.

After that I got stiffer fork springs, reeds, a heavy duty clutch, and then ran outta money. People say you need a lot more than this to make the bike great, but it kicked butt for me. I NEVER got beaten on the trail with friends, and I held my own fairly well in the dozen or so motocross races I ran on it. I think the happiest day of my life was getting 4th into the first corner in the 250 class (full gate) while lined up with a YZ400F on my left and a CR500 on my right (they run the same class at Baja Acres, Michigan). I guess there is a lot to be said for reaction times and throttle control.

Anyway, the bike was reliable as a hammer. The only thing I had trouble with was bending the bars (got Renthals then) burning the clutch (riding sandy/loamy motocross tracks does that) and the stock chain/sprocket wore out FAST. Other than that it was a GREAT bike. Always started right away, never died on my. I REALLY wish I never got rid of it .

85 SR5, hey that rhymes!
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