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Advice on some problems

I bought a 1984 Jeep Grand Wagoner for $25. (Too good of a deal to pass up) It didn't run when I got it but the rest of the vehicle is in fairly good condition. After a long time of trouble-shooting, I realized the spark plug wires were hooked up wrong. It now runs great, but leaks some fluids (Rear axle, Tranny, and engine oil).

Now for the question. The transfer case linkages need adjustment and I don't know how to engage low range.

Does the transfer case need to be in 4wd to use low range?
How can I tell when the linkages are adjusted correctly (besides when the 4wd system works).

P.S. This transfer case has a lever on the floor for HI/LOW and a vacuum switch in the dash for 2wd/4wd.

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