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Vapor lock?

Hey folks,
Took the '83 up skiing this past weekend and on Satuday morning drove up to the slopes (about 4 miles away, cold morning) and got behind some damn stopped minivan, didn't give it enough gas, and stalled out. It took me around 5 minutes to get the thing restarted, it would crank, but just not start. Finally it got going again. Some guys that I was with thought it could be vapor lock... what is that? Is there a way to avoid/better way to restart the engine after that happens? They also said that I blew some black smoke out the tail just before I stalled... running too rich?

300 cid 6, carbed. Like I said, cold morning, and I only drove like 4 miles, so it probably wasn't up to running temperature.

Thanks for the help,

...Gave my buddy with the Land Cruiser ammo for making fun of the Ford...

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