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Re: Bronco 4wheelability?

hmm, well i hear the AOD (4 spd auto) can be built up pretty strong, and isn't bad stock, but the C6 is bulletproof and you should have no problem finding one of those. You can just swap in a C6, but driveshaft length MIGHT need to be changed. i doubt it's worth it unless the overdrive starts giving you problems. The 9" rear axle that came in the earlier trucks (up to around 86, but easy to swap in) is infamous in its strength... it has been used in every form of motorsport out there. Later on the 8.8" was used, supposedly it is just as strong stock but you can't get as much aftermarket BEEF for it. The Dana 44 IFS front axle is fairly strong but because it's not solid axle it gets lots of bashing... it's a bear to keep aligned and it can wear tires unevenly but if you don't get crazy it will hold up off road. As far as i know the transfer cases will hold up too.

Your Toy is loaded huh? Does it have Power Engine?

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