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I feel your pain and I have been through your nightmare

I too had a 1982 Bronco with the Variable Venturi Carb and I had immense trouble with it. I replaced everything on the motor chasing its demons, and I used all ford parts along the way. Including a brand new $600.00 carb from ford. I called everyone I could think of trying to make that thing run with no success until I found a rolled bronco with the 4V High output induction and ignition system. I purchased the whole system from the junkyard and installed it in place of the variable venturi setup. The truck never ran better, and it had a ton more power thanks to its holley 4V carb. You might try cruising the junkyards to see if you can find this setup. It came on 1983-85 5.0 mustangs and 1984 to 1987 5.8 trucks. Another option would be to get a standard Motorcraft 2150 2V carb. I have one if you want it, $20.00 and you pay shipping, it worked fine until I upgraded to a carter AFB 4V. It is jetted for a 351M, but given your cam selection it is probrably right on. It would be wise to put a kit in it though. Another plan would be to junk the VV intake and get an aluminum intake and holley or carter carb. A holley carb usually runs better, the carter is more reliable. Summit sells a combo, with a holley 4V, weiand intake, and a chrome 14" air cleaner for $317.00. Heck of a deal if you ask me. Good luck, and email me at [email protected] of you are interested in that carb

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