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Re: underwater air intake

Hey: I never thought that my note would become reference material! I, too, looked for some type of off-the-shelf-snorkel kit: to no avail. I like driving through deep water, and nothing I did would stop my air intake from getting watered. I finally decided to make my own snorkel kit. I rigged one up, but it wasn't real easy, or pretty. I thought about running it through the fender, but with the 4" PVC that I wanted to use, I thought that it would just protrude too far from the side of the truck (I take my Bronco down some tight trails). I decided that I would not run it through the fender, but through the cowl instead. My truck is no show-winner, so I wasn't afraid to break-out my Sawzall. The first thing I did was make a 2.5"high by 4"wide rectangular hole in the cowl (right below the driver's side hood hinge. Then I cut a 4.5" Diameter hole in the sheet metal that covers the top of the Cowl (It hides the windshield wipers). I got a hold of some 4" O.D. Flexible tubing and shaped it to fit through the rectangular hole in the cowl. Then, I pulled the slack tubing through the top hole in the Cowl Cover and used Duct tape to attach the flexible tubing to some 4" PVC (with a Female Thread). The other end of the tubing was attached to my airbox. What I ended up with was a female PVC connection protruding from the Cowl Cover by about an inch (not real noticable). When I go for mud-run, I take a 3-foot section of PVC (with a male connector attached at the bottom) and I thread it into the female PVC joint. That way, I have a removable snorkel that can be changed quickly and isn't a visual obstruction when I'm 2-wheellin' it. If anybody is seriously interested, I could take some digital pictures and post them. Just keep in mind that you can't be afraid of puttin' a Sawzall to work on your truck.

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