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replacing 351 with an I-6 300

I just starting reading this board a few weeks ago. Now, I have a question.

Is it feasible to replace a junked 351w with an I-6 300? I see someone has one that is hitting 300 pds of torque, which is enough for me. Mainly, I want some gas savings if possible. I had an I-6 in my 1980 E-150, many years ago, and it had some good low end grunt and decent gas mileage. I will drive it 25K per year and when I need the power the most it is usually off-road in woods or plowing at low speeds.

I have a 1985 Bronco (just bought - has a blown up motor and is trashed body wise), 351w, C-6, NP208f, 9 inch rear with 3.50 gears. I want low end grunt to make it up steep inclines or out of muddy ditches along with decent gas mileage, 15 mpg would be great. 0-60 rubber burning is not a priority. I have a Ranger for that :-D

Any in sights? Will the I-6 give me any significant gas savings?

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