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Re: Timing Set/Cam/Roller Rockers

This is just my opinion. You are building a 302 in a Bronco, so chances are you are not going to go out drag racing. The timing set you are looking at probably has three key slots: 4deg advance, 0 deg, and 4 deg. retard. This allows you to choose how you want to run your cam timing. For a basic, mild rebuild, just set the cam straight up to 0, and let the EEC take over. Have you bored the block yet? .060" is a bit extreme if it is not necessary. You are starting to run thin walls in the cylinder, which might not be the best for longevity. Another thing to consider on your rebuild: With a larger cam (you didn't specify lift), and a longer duration combined with the 1.7 rocker ratio you may want to check your valve to piston clearance. You will want at least .080" clearance. This should be no problem as long as you are running under .550" lift and low compression. This also leads to another question about valve springs. Make sure you are not crashing the spring with the higher lift/larger ratio rocker combo. Also, depending on the lobe separation angle, you may throw the manifold vacuum off enough to send the EEC into a fault loop. Plan on purchasing a mass air conversion kit.

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