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Re: Recomendations on roller rockers?

Roller lifters don't do much good for a low revving truck engine. You're just as well off with your flat tappet hydraulic lifters. I somewhat agree with you on the rocker arm ratio for a mostly stock engine. The upgrade from a 1.6 to a 1.7 adds an effective overlap in intake and exhaust, as well as raise the effective valve lift, but it wouldn't increase that much. I'm running a 290/300 cam with .472"/.496" lift. This cam is definitely more radical than if someone were to use a stock cam with a greater ratio arm, but...I am also running roughly 10.5:1 compression too, that makes up for the loss of low end torque, but the idle quality is still there. I myself picked this cam for its sound more than anything (just being honest here), but I do mostly city driving now, so the thing really comes on strong around 2000 RPM, not that high up in the rev band to be unusable. I guess it's really rather hard to do a comprehensive discussion on tactics with a limited amount of typing space.

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