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Re: Check the Bronco Registry

All the soft tops fit 80-96. the trucks and tops are all the same. The only difference is I think in 92 they put the seatbelts on the hard top and also mounted the third break light and interior light on the cap. If you can find an older seat the same color as you have now then use that because all the seats fit all the years or just unbolt the older seat belt harnesses and bolt them to your present seat and get rid of the over the shoulder belt. the third light i think there is a disconnect for it. you will need a tamper proof torx head to get your bolts off. they are a pain in the ass to use. tops can be expensive. I have a full back top like a jeep, it works vey well. Try to find one that uses the origional bolt hole. mine didnot so i had to drill the boby and you can't leave the brackets on all year and then you have open holes. I fill them with body color sealer during the off season. goodluck

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