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Its working great with a .032 accererator nozzle and .054 main jets. I drilled my carb to accept a choke plate and rod of a junk carb I had sitting around but I have yet to use the choke. Even at -20*f All I do is pump the throttle twice and hit the key and she is off and running, I disconnected the choke and Only use the fast Idle cam to keep her at high idle, But Even though they say 390 is enough, it isn't. I tryed a friends(off his Ramcharger's 318) edlebrock 600cfm with vacuum secondaries and I noticed a power gain and still maintaned 12-13mpg.... But then again mine isn't total stock I'm running dual headers, comp cam 9.5:1 compression, and soon to have Bigger vavles.

Do'n it with only 6 cylinders!
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