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What are the good/bad things about a 1969?

I have the opportunity to get a relatives 1969 Bronco. It is stock with the 302 V8 and looks really clean. I know it sounds stupid but can't remember if it is aut or manual tranny, so I know some comments may be about the tranny. Anyway, this thing has always been kept under cover (barn) and never even had the top taken off and it has very minimal rust. My uncle drives it about once a month and it has no obvious problems. I figure it has the 9" rear but what front does it have? D44? D30? The fenders are still intact too :^) but it does have some kind of aftermarket wagon wheels. What is the maximun sised tire I can fit on this Bronco with no lift and assuming these wheels are the same dimensions as factory? 31" would be fine with me and maybe add a No-slip rear locker. What gear ratio, transfer case, and driveshaft (do they have double cardan stock?), am I likely to have? If I do a 3" lift, will I have to do a transfer case drop, CV driveshaft, or shim the rear axle? Sorry for all these questions since I am new to the forum and to Broncos both. I have a fair knowledge of some 4x4s, but very limited knowledge of the Bronco. Thanks for all help in advance.

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