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>>>The 390 is part of the FE engine series which includes the 352, 360, 390, 427, and several 428's. This engine was available in the over 1/2 ton trucks through the mid 70's as well as the 360. It was however, to the best of my knowledge never offered in any Bronco. This could be put in with some fabrication, but, is not stock. You should definitly confirm if this is a 390 and if it was installed in a safe manner before purchasing. The FE engine group can most easily be identified by the the intake design. The valve covers actually bolt to the intake and the heads. These engines are a unique design and are getting long in the tooth since they have been out of production sicne the 70's. Performance parts are not as common as other engine families(or as cheap) and none of the bolt patterns are shared out side of this family. These engines can make lots of power though and if the one you are looking at is in good shape it may be worth the investment if you don't mind a slightly rare commodity. Good luck to you and happy wheelin'. Laters.

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