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Re: Faulty ABS? Light turns ON during commute...

Hey, a fellow '94 owner! I have a '94 XLT. And have the manuals.
If your game, we can diagnose this over the internet. Or at least try all the easy stuff at a minimum.

You have the 4WABS system. It can pulse out its trouble codes for you, by blinking the ABS light on the dash, when triggered. The trouble codes will save a lot of time! Its easy!

Locate the 4WABS diagnostic connector under the hood. Driver side fender, back towards the hood. Looks like this:

________|1 2 |_
|3------------4 5 6 |

The connector on mine is bright orange, with an orange cover on it that says "Anti-Lock Test". Hard to miss!

Interested in pins 2 (black wire), and 5 (white wire with Light Blue tracer).
Pin 2 is a ground, and pin 5 is the diagnostic trigger input to the 4WABS controller.

1) Ignition OFF.
2) Jumper pin 2 to pin 5. Even a paper clip will do.
3) Ignition to RUN (not start).
4) Remove jumper after 5 or more seconds have elapsed.
6) Go in and read the codes flashed out by the ABS light.

All codes are 2 digits long. 3 to 6 seconds between digits in the same code. 15 seconds between codes.
Probably want to run this test at least twice, to get the hang of reading the codes. The 4WABS controller stores latched trouble codes for 50 ignition on-off cycles, so if it acted up recently it should have something latched in there.

Code 16 is "OK", but even getting that is significant in the troubleshooting method, if the light was coming on after you had already stopped.

Let me know, it could be zero cost to fix depending on the codes.


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