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Re: campbell hausfeld welder

1/16" electrodes? man I've never seen 'em that small. Could be handy for really light stuff. What do they sell for new? I see Lincoln 225 AC's around here in the classifieds pretty regular for $75-$100. AC arcs are kinda hard to get pretty welds out of when you are learning, but DC rigs are more expensive.

I just got myself a Lincoln 180 amp engine driven DC arc, picked it up off a job. We were developing some old farmland into a "retirement village" and the farmer just left a bunch of stuff for us to throw away. I haven't gone through it yet, but the 2-Cyl Wisconsin engine does turn over. It is a permanent magnet generator, so it should be OK they are pretty bulletproof. Gonna go through the whole thing and check it out, hopefully I'll have myself a pretty neat little portable welder. It is mounted on a little trailer that could use some work, not sure if I'll bother or just make something else.

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