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What will happen next?

I know bad luck happens in threes, So I am a little concerned. First, my truck decided it didn't like all the teeth on the front ring gear. So it is out of commission while I await new parts and Send Back all the WRONG parts that are shipped!

Now On sunday, my wife and I took the jeep for a fishing trip, and I don't know if I just really blew the clutch or the tranny is toast. On the trip out, started getting a whine from the drivetrain, severe whine under compression. Got out to the highway and stopped to air up. When I completed the job, I backed up and the tranny seemed to spin while I shifted to forward. but everything worked and I figured get it home and check it out. Well, I didn't make it home. Went to downshift to switch highways, and wouldn't go into third. coasted to a stop, as it would not go into anything. Played with it and discovered; with engine off, jeep would roll backwards with jeep in gear, clutch out. Jeep would hold if clutch pedal depressed. I also discovered if I try to put it in gear while jeep is running, jeep trys to move. I believe I have toasted a clutch.

The thing that has me confused, This is a new clutch, less than 6k miles, with a lot of those being towed. I have never ever toasted a clutch before, I have driven lots of standards well over 140k miles. Never have had a clutch problem. I believe my driving skills are not a problem, however, I would like ideas as to what other causes for early clutch failure other than defective equipment.

Any feedback?

Enjoying Montana's Big Sky
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