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Re: how bad is this?

ya.. what is right above this.. but take that vent line from the rear of the valve cover.. that goes to air cleaner.. put it into a bottle.. milk jug or something.. make sure that is secured in your engine bay.. the oil will then dump in there.. instead of all over the ground.. and blow all over your undercarriage.. this will clear up the rest of the pinging..
do a compression test.. if you have 1 or more cylinders with low psi.. like 120 or so.. then those rings are bad.. to make sure.. squirt some oil down into the sparkplug hole.. and do another compression test.. if it rises up to around normal or higher.. like 150.. then yes.. those rings are bad.. use the air tube into a bottle trick till you can get the rings replaced.. dont worry.. wont harm your engine.. just make sure you check your oil plenty to keep some in it..

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