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Re: Why do we keep the junk we do?

I'm the same way, only I have a MASSIVE barn to store it all in, and it's MINE, ALL MINE.

I like building things, like the brush guard from electric stove cooking grates, the Hi-Lift mount from stopsign channel, tow lights and mount from odds and ends (spent $4 on the cable ends), you get the idea. I just love fabricating items, and if I can do it at little to no cost, it makes me feel good, and I can usually build it stronger than the production counterpart.

BTW, those old axle U-bolts also make great steps, just take some pipe of a larger diameter, weld them to the bottom of the door opening (at the rocker panel), bend the U-bolt with a torch, and slide them in place when the wife needs to get in the jeep. Then you just reach down, remove them, and throw them in the jeep for wheeling.

As to the grinder, I have found little parts and pieces to refurbish another one, like a switch or center shaft, so I keep them around, but don't stock up on them.

BTW DAve, those old fan belts and spark plugs are good for, uh, um, nothing, I throw them out as well. After all, we don't want to have junk laying around with all the good spare parts.

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