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Re: Pretty scary roll from yesterday

When speaking of significant others, and their quarrels, does Kelly and Lance Clifford come to mind?
I am amazed at how those two talk each other when they are competing. When they are on the trail, they are completely civil, but put up a few cones on some cliff face and the off come the gloves. I heard her yell at him, "hey you wanna hold the brake on this thing, while I get under their and fix this p.o.s.", and then "why dont you just hit it with your F'n purse"(while he was trying to strong arm the rig, to keep it on line). Brutal!
By the way, kelly Clifford was the gal that waxed me, on a spur of the moment course we put together over Labor Day. She waxed every one but Bob Roggy that day also, so the that kinda eased the pain. How did she do?

Oh yeah, is ORC gonna cover the CalRocks competition on November 17-18, at lake Amador? It will be announced in the next few days, that the event will be sanctioned by ARCA, according to Rich Klien, (the promoter), who I talked with at length on the Rubicon this weekend. There will be at least 3 events in Ca next season, the top 5 in each event will be granted an invited entry into the following ARCA event. I am pretty excited to be entered, I think we will do well.
Can you give the big wigs at ORC a heads up on the event, maybe Ill E mail Fidell

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