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Why do we keep the junk we do?

This weekend was clean the garage weekend. It started out as straightening up the shelves, and lead to "why did I keep this?" about a hundred times. There are still things that I kept after the purge, but I had stuff like this: A grinder that the smoke came out of about a year ago (I tried--it still doesn't work), old axle u-bolts, a dented steering stabilizer, a steering wheel, about 10 pounds of old rusted bolts and nails, a cracked carb base plate. You get the picture. It took all afternoon on Saturday, and the garage doesn't look any better! I know that there was a reason for keeping all that crap, but I just can't remember what it was. Some of it is an obvious byproduct of Jeep ownership, but why do we do it? What was I possibly thinking when I kept that old rubber tranny mount?


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