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Re: Why electric fans?

I installed an electric fan on Friday.
The main reason, I wanted to run an electric, was to eliminate the threat of putting my fan blades through the radiator. This is a very real threat, with some of the up coming events I will be running, as I am anticipating quite a few rollovers in the next couple of months.
I bought a Flex-a-lite Black Magic M150 through, for $183.00, and went about installing it. I wired it with a cut off switch, and a manual activation switch, (both in the cockpit), it took about 2 1/2 hours to install with it including the electrical.
I ran it this weekend on the Rubicon, and I was hoping to be able to give the report of how great it is and how happy I am with the set up. But instead, I have to report that I just removed it and its getting cleaned up and returned.
It had a couple of performance downfalls.
1: It just couldnt keep the engine as cool as the stock Lincoln 18" clutch fan, that I was running. The M150, is a 15" fan with a cowling and they say it moves 2800 cfm. I mounted it right in the center of my aluminum radiator and set the T stat to 190 degrees while ideling, when I started climbing Ice House Road( the steep 20 mile pavement road up to the Con), it immediately jumped to 220 and even 230, with my stock fan it never went over 200 degrees.
Also it took much longer for a cool down period when I stopped to let it cool.
2: It draws quite a bit of power, I could watch my ammeter drop by a couple of volts every time it came on. We had to help out a guy who had gotten his van stuck, in the middle of the night, with lights on, winch running, and fan wanting to come on, it was a heel of a burden on my 140 amp alternator, so I shut it off while I was winching, but then the temp went high, and the high underhood temperature began making the alternator work under extremely ineficient conditions(to the point that it started whining, which it has never done before).Even my power steering pump started grinding and whirring because of the engine compartment temperatures. Durring daytime trail conditions (90 degrees, and no additional electrical draw from lighting), it maintained good temperatures.
All in all, it was a waist of my time for my 5.0 HO application. I have an old 18" flex fan that I am going to install this evening, just to compare it to thelincoln clutch fan, Ill post the results later this week.

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