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Re: Swapping Diff internals?

Hey, thanks all. I was hoping that was the case. Just to fill you all in on why I am looking into this. I a standard AMC 20 that like I said has the 3.73 r&p and locker I need to match the front. This I originally planned to use behind a Dana 300. BUT I don't have the time right now to track down the TF 727 I need to run the 300. Sooo, I plan to put the TH400 and Quadratac I have sitting in my garage back in just so I can get this thing rolling under its own power again (tired of pushing/pulling it in and out of the garage). Hence, I need to use the off-set AMC 20 to match the Qtrac but it has 3.54 gears and I don't want to have to swap the old front axle back in again. I know now one asked but I am at work on a Sunday and figured I could kill 10 minutes by spewing about my Jeep. Thanks for listen, I mean reading.

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