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Re: O/T Just curious as to opinions?

I hate to say this but in some ways this liberal wako is right, but not in the way he means. America has spent far to much time ignoring the world. These Terrorists Have attacked America again and again. Attacking our troops over seas our embessies in other countrys and our tourists. In many cases we have done nothing, we have tryed to let the middle east see good sence and rational action and take out these people on there own even though this was clearly not working. Now we have been forced to see the world for what it is, a place where the liberal mentality of live and let live does not work, and one must take action to protect ones self. This did not happen because of America's over reaction or meaness, but rather from America's kindness and lack of action. We have turned the other cheek to long, now we must remind the world that we still have the longess, sharpess and most deadly teeth on the planet, and we are not afraid to use them.


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