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Re: O/T Stealing Flags!!

There are a whole bunch of flags out around my neighbourhood (hardly unique, I would imagine), and I thought to myself "I'm surprised that no-one steals them" (then again, I recently lived in a place where EVERYTHING that wasn't hidden or bolted down would be stolen). Almost immediately it occured to me!! THERE IS NO WAY YOU CAN BE PATRIOTIC, AND STEAL!!!!!! What would they do with them?
Unfortunately, often those who steal worry more about getting caught than about the moral implications.
Stealing is just plain WRONG!

Either you are an American, and believe in all that this great nation was founded to protect, or you are not, and if you are not, GET THE F*%$# OUT!!!!!

No more hyphenated people, no more commienazistatistbastegas with "it's a living document" garbage. No more "interest groups" screwing people over to get things done their way, to the detriment of good people everywhere. No more lies and fuzzy-legality. No more sucking the country dry.
You are or you aren't, get with it, or get out! If you don't like how it should be, what's keeping you here?

My rant for tonight.
Disgusted by how things are!

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