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Re: New Fan Cowl or Elec. Fan?

[img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Fritz, we are facing the very same quesion on our 304. It HAD NO fan shroud when we got it, and new ones are a lot of dough. The hot rodders who had this Jeep had installed a flexalite solid-drive fan, no clutch, so we needed that item too. Instead of all that, we are buying a set of fans from a Ferd Taurus. The dual fan seup almost fits the CJ radiator witout a trim-up, and the second fan is good for reliability and also to kick in with the A/C compressor. THE PROBLEM IS.......current draw. The fans draw about 30 amps, so that means a HUGE drain when you are running slow at night with the A/C blower and the compressor clutch and the fans running. We will have to go to a 100 AMP PLUS alternator fer sure, and maybe dual batteries. We just might try to get a Leese-Neville diesel truck alternator and use that instead of a GM-type upgraded unit. It will be dual belt drive for sure. Anyway, we have finally made that decision and the Jeeper who has the fans is going to get them to us this coming week. Oh, more thing....the fans are NOISY. We thought about that and then we figured that we would do the very same thing to the CJ that we recently did to our FS GM pickup.......FIRST lay down a heat-reflecting, noise-deadening pad and sparingly glue it in a few strategic places; THEN over that goes a 5/8" jute pad; THEN the carpets, PLUS, we heat-taped the exhaust headers from the manifolds to the entrance of the muffler. That combination made a HUGE difference. Like we could listen to a tape with the engine at 3200 RPM and pulling hard.[img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/crazy.gif[/img]

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