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\'Gator Chaser is running and driving again.

Well, after replacing the starter (meant for an '86 GW with 360/TF-727) the ole 258 fired right up! Well, really it sputtered around on year old gas but that is besides the point- it runs! I slipped the transmission into 1st (or was that 3rd? I put in a full-manual valvebody but no cover on the shifter to see where it is in the pattern...) and crawled it (I was revving the bejeezus out of the engine but I must be short on fluid cause I wasn't moving much) onto the trailer. It was weird to not be using the clutch, I kept smacking the damn clutch pedal-think I'll hook it up to an airhorn.... Thank god that worked because pushing it is a b*tch! So now its back to my house, where I'll re-do the engine bay wiring, wire up the electric fan, fill the x-case with ATF, and make sure the coolant system is full of fluids. I'm going to weld up the Dana 35, maybe the Dana 30 too, and see how long it lasts.

Oh yeah, I got a CJ-grill and lights (even park/turn lights) and tailgate (with the JEEP stamp even). A little creative bodywork with the hood and fenders and I'll have a psuedo-CJ7 that can fit 33" tires without a lift [img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/cool.gif[/img]
I'm sending the Dana 44s off to be re-geared (I dont have the time or know-how to do it) and as soon as they are ready I'll get to work on the lift ('79 Bronco Coils up front and 2.5" lift OME leaves in the back with some .5" lift shackles), and then the AMC v-8 swap!

Make it up as you go.
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