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Re: O/T Stealing Flags!!

The hard part is diferentiating between someone admiring your Jeep, and someone looking to loot somthing.

If they look under it, they are OK. If there just looking inside, get ready to break out the spare parts/recovery gear.

I'm still contemplating attaching the 2lb extinguisher, I figure 2 weeks before someone steals it, or decides to "re-decorate" the interior.

Personally, I know I would be extremely pissed off if someone stole my.. say.. CB. But it's understandable.
But, what isn't understandable is someone stealing either recovery gear, first aid equiptment, or safety gear.

Because, that stuff shows that I'm not only looking out for my own interests. It shows I have say knowledge of first aid procedures, and in an emergency, any emergency, that first aid kit isn't going to be used on me, that first aid kit is specifically for YOU!

If my f/a kit were stolen, and I saw an accident on the road after getting a new one, I can honestly say that if my original first-aid kit were in the victim's vehicle, I would hand them "their" kit, and ask them what the hell there going to do with it.

It truly is sad that the only way we have to keep our safety/emergency gear safe is in a solid steel box that was designed to keep ammunition safe from the hazards of combat.

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