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Contemplating tranny rebuild

Relatively new to the whole concept and am contemplating how feasible doing this myself will be. Said tranny is a T-150 (or T-15/T-90 - either way a 3spd manual) in a '76 CJ. Motor was 304 stock but has been replaced (not by me) with a 360. Transfer case is a Dana 300.

Anyway, I've looked up a couple tech pages online and most seem to be fairly matter-of-fact about removing the engine and transmission. Since I don't have a garage or hydraulic lift (just a driveway and some basic tools), something tells me I'll need more than what I have. I'm good at following directions when they're there, but most repair manuals I've read don't go into these steps too much.

Of course, the tranny may not even be the problem... however it really seems to be. 2nd gear is very rough (sounds like grinding pepper whenever I run in 2nd) and grinds when shifting into it, regardless of clutch pressure. Clutch holds/engages/disengages fine. 1st, 3rd, and reverse are all fine... well, 1st is a bit rough but doesn't complain much in shifts.

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