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O/T Stealing Flags!!

I am sorry, but i have to vent.
What the [email protected] is with these people who steal amrican flags. I having been seeing mutiple reports of amrican flags being stolen. I was somewhat pleased to hear in one situation that a person left money behind to cover the flags. But it is a Dumb Sh#T that stole a bunch of flags that a Texas firestation placed out. I sure do hope those Texan firefighters find those SH#ts and give them hell of a woopin'... Hell shoot them for treason. And the one i am especially ticked bout is a flag was stolen from a ladies roof. It was from her father or grandfathers coffin, and she was hanging it proudly. Then some Sh#t stole it.
I really hate that people have to do crap like this when we are entering such a uncertain time. I hope they all get found and get the Sh#t Beat out of them.

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