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Re: What to ask $$$ for My 1985 CJ7

Jeepngreg -

You'll take a big hit on the price because of the wiring problem. I recently sold a similar sounding jeep in New Hampshire for $3,700. Was an 85 with ~70k miles, Howell TBI, 4" Superlift, 33" TSL, T5/D300, Narrow Track D44/D30, 3.73 gears and Detroit EZ-Lockers, rear disc's, full cage. Body was a little rough on the rockers and corners..

You invested some $$ into this already. You've got to make a choice: more $$ and get the wiring resolved (if you can't figure it out) or sell it and take the hit on what you've invested (always do on this kind of rig when you sell...) and start over.

Have you used the schematic and traced through the starting circuit with a test light? Any possibility that the ignition switch on the column (its up under the dash) has a dead spot in the starting position?

Good luck - Jim

Jim O'Brien
[email protected]
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