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Re: Anyone run or broke a WC T-5

The World Class T-5 has improved bearings, output shaft, and organic synchros. I don't know about the gear sets though.
Tourqe rating is 300ft/lb. Up I think from 220ft/lb for the T5.

I don't know about the direct replacement issue, but I guess the ones offerred by Advanced Adapters would be.
Back when I was considerring swapping one in place of a T4 the output shaft needed changing when the tranny came from a Mustang or Camaro. Advanced wasn't suplying complete WC T-5s then.

My take is it would be a modest improvement in reliability.
I put a strong running 350 in my jeep, so I bit the bullet and went for the NV4500. Had I been running the 6 cyl. I would have been willing to try the WC T-5.

Wish I could offer you more first hand experience.

'85 Scrambler under construction
5.7L Vortec, NV4500, and god knows what.
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