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Re: Digital camera for taking 4WD shots?

I use a Toshiba PDR-M60, which is a VERY nice camera (2.3 Mp, digital and optical zoom). With the 64 MB card, it'll hold 914 pictures that are 896x600 or 245 pictures that are 1800x1200 (both are with compression, but it'll take 245 small or 64 large pictures with no compression). It also uses AA batteries, and I can take about 400 pictures without a flash or 200 with it before they're dead and I need to swap in the replacements. Not sure I'd use it for kicking around in a jeep though, I don't know of many that will take a lot of abuse. I keep mine in a padded soft case for wheeling. Takes awesome pictures, but no video. Cost me $250 without the card, which was another $80.

Keep in mind you'll need a case, more memory, batteries, and charger, which typically aren't figured into the price. Mine was $480 with everything (2 sets of NiMh batteries) and the 4 year anything-goes warranty. So far I have taken well over 2,000 pictures with it, and never take my film camera out anymore (I have about $3,000 worth of camera equiment as I used to be a freelance photographer).

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