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Re: Adjusting timing without a light?

Said it before and I'll say it again...

a. With the igniton off... loosen the distributor hold down.
b. Pull spark plug wire 1 from the spark plug, and insert a spare plug into it.
c. Ground the plug so you can see the electrode.
d. Rotate the engine to #1 cylinder compression stroke. Pull the plug and stick you finger in the hole to feel compression build up, then watch the timing mark on the pulley.
e. Stop rotation at 6* BTDC.
f. Turn the ignition to RUN.
g. Rotate the distributor to obtain a spark
h. Narrow down the area of rotation that produces the spark.
i. When narrowed, lock the distributor.

The engine's now timed on the cheap and quickly. If there's timing problem now, it's in the:
a. Distributor advance.
b. timing Chain/Belt and gears.

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