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Re: Adjusting timing without a light?

well just "high-light" your timing mark on pulley and at 9 degrees with soap stone. then hook up timing light to battery and number one spark plug. plug vacuum advance and start 'er up. loosen dist and turn till timing marks line up.


Setting the Timing

The engine should be completely warmed up.
Disconnect and plug the vacuum hose at the distributor.
Unplug the three-wire connector at the 10" and 4" Vacuum Switch Assembly.
Loosen the hold-down bolt and rotate the distributor to set the timing.

49 States + Cal. 9 ( 2) 1600
High Altitude 16 ( 2) 1600

On my engine, the first large mark on the scale is zero, the next large mark is 4, the next is 8, etc. Don't forget to reconnect the vacuum hose at the distributor and the connector at the vacuum switch assembly.

A Trick

Your buddy borrowed your timing light and never returned it? Here's a trick I learned from my brother. The timing can be set to surprising accuracy with a vacuum gauge. Hook the gauge to manifold vacuum and run the engine at curb idle. Rotate the distributor clockwise to retard the timing. Now slowly rotate it counter-clockwise to the point where you just reach the maximum vacuum reading. Back off (clockwise) until the vacuum drops by 1". Lock the distributor down. Timing can be set to within 1 using this method.

Some Ignition Modifications

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