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No start !!! HELLLPP !!!!!!!! anyone????!!!!!!!!

ok i thought it was the starter but i have a brand new on in there and the Jeep still wont start!

so can someone please tell me what sort of voltage readings i should get when my ignition is on and during cranking from the solenoid. there are 4 terminals on the solenoid. the one on the left goes to battery, the far right goes to starter and two middle ones labeled "S" and "I" the "S" has a green wire and the "I" has a red wire.

when i put it in the run position everything works and i can push start my jeep if i need to, but when i crank, nothing happens. Its a new starter and new solenoid. it ran before, but then the solenoid literally went up in a poof of smoke and it has been able to start w/o a push since.


Please someone? voltages and continuity ? THANKS!!

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